Quotation generation at the push of a button

With up2parts calculation, HS-ferinnotec creates quotations within a few hours and wins new customers thanks to the time advantage.

"Thanks to up2parts calculation, we now create reliable quotations in a few hours instead of several days before. This has already enabled us to win a number of orders" - Hans Schacherbauer, Managing Director of HS-ferinnotec

Individual parts and small series in the field of sophisticated precision mechanics for customers from electronics, aviation, medicine as well as mechanical and plant engineering are the core competence of HS-ferinnotec GmbH from Zeilarn. Since 1992, the now 17-strong team has been guaranteeing the highest quality at competitive prices. To ensure high flexibility and productivity, the company uses not only modern machine tools from DMG MORI but also digital solutions from the machine tool manufacturer - including up2parts in the area of fully automated quotation calculation.

Reaction speed is decisive

"Often, our speed of response determines whether we get an order or not," reports Hans Schacherbauer, founder and managing director of HS-ferinnotec. "Thanks to our high vertical range of manufacture, we are already well positioned in this respect." Milling, turning, eroding and welding as well as reliable quality control are part of the wide range of services. 

up2parts with focus on demanding workpieces

There is also a close partnership with DMG MORI outside of actual manufacturing. in 2020, HS-ferinnotec was a test customer for the PLANNING BOARD. "The clear software has brought us a big step forward in order planning," Hans Schacherbauer is pleased with the paperless solution with a view to the formerly manual processes in Excel and on paper. When DMG MORI added up2parts calculation, a software for the automatic calculation of quotations, to its product range, the machine tool manufacturer was once again able to win a test customer in HS-ferinnotec. Hans Schacherbauer recalls the collaboration: "Together with DMG MORI and up2parts, we were able to expand the digital solution with the functions that are essential for machining companies."

Artificial intelligence (AI) speeds up automatic quotation generation

Quote generation with up2parts calculation is based on artificial intelligence. Calculations and quotations can thus be created in seconds and with just a few clicks. "This works even with very complex workpieces," says Hans Schacherbauer. In this way, efficiency in work preparation as well as the success rate and thus competitiveness can be increased from batch size 1. "This is optimal for our range of orders." 

Company-specific database for AI

up2parts calculation is based on a company-specific database that customers continuously maintain. The database includes machinery, materials, customers and hourly rates for individual process steps, he says: "Components are entered as 3D models." Based on this information, up2parts calculation calculates the costs for the respective component - to within ten percent. "The calculation becomes more accurate with each component because the software continuously learns on the basis of our input and occasional manual corrections," adds Hans Schacherbauer. 

Reliable quotation generation in a few hours instead of several days

The added value lies in the speed. "Whereas it used to take several days to prepare a quotation, today we can respond to customer inquiries with a reliable price within a few hours," concludes Hans Schacherbauer. Thanks to the time advantage over his competitors, he has already won a number of orders.

Supporting growth with digital products

DMG MORI and HS-ferinnotec are not running out of ideas to further develop up2parts calculation. Since this year, the product has been available as a software-as-a-service model as part of PAYZR, and in the future it will interact with the PLANNING BOARD. "The data from the calculation will then flow automatically into the order planning, which will once again save us manual steps," explains Hans Schacherbauer, who is certain that the digitalization of his processes is an important pillar for further growth: "We will increase the production area as well as expand and automate our machinery, but activities related to work preparation and planning can also be sustainably optimized, as up2parts calculation and the PLANNING BOARD impressively demonstrate."