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After only three months: Positive effects through 4-day week at up2parts

Weiden. With the recently created option of choosing between a 4- and 5-day week and the introduction of Focus Friday, everyday working life at up2parts has changed sustainably since June 2022. In an employee survey, three months after the introduction of the new system, the first experiences of the employees have now been surveyed. The feedback was positive across the board.

Only the cooperation with external service providers still needs to settle down and be optimized, as availability from Monday to Friday is still the norm in Germany. For urgent matters that arise on Fridays, it is sometimes a bit difficult to reach someone quickly, he says. But solutions to these initial difficulties are already being worked on, he added.

50% use Focus Friday

After the first three months, it is clear that about half of the team uses Focus Friday at least once a month in order to work through "things that have fallen on the back burner" in a concentrated manner, knowing that they do not have any meetings on this day. The other half of the team works consequently four days a week.

Energy level increases, stress level decreases

According to the employee survey, the newly gained flexibility and creative freedom are having a positive effect on employees: A large proportion of employees cite a very positive impact on energy and stress levels. The employees rate the compatibility of private and professional life with 9.2 out of 10 points.

Time is used more efficiently

In addition, the results show that many employees have learned to use their time more efficiently and also to actively question whether attending a meeting adds value. Parallel to the internal queries, the scientific support by the OTH Amberg/Weiden continues with the doctoral thesis on the "Effects of the 4-day week on employee satisfaction and motivation".

If you are interested in a career at up2parts, you will find all the information, an overview of the numerous benefits and the current job offers on the career website.