How it works

1. Upload

Upload the STEP file of your desired element in our online-configurator.

Data-security is one of our highest priorities:

All of our servers – placed in european computer centres – comply with a variety of international compliance standards (e.g. Gereneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 270001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country specific standards).

Since the entire production process is only being handled by and within BAM your data is – at no time – handed over to third parties.

2. Configure

After the upload process you can customize your part according to the desired applications. Thereby we offer you multiple production methods. Furthermore, you can choose between different materials, tolerance classes and surface treatments.

You have special requirements referring to the production process? The parts need a detailed QA and a test certificate is necessary? Pick between different features of our additional functions.

3. Order

Order directly in our online shop. Once we receive your order, we immediately start producing the parts according to your wishes.

You need an offer in form of a PDF file to order later? Select your requirements, generate an offer and feel welcome to send your order to We give you a 30-day price guarantee on the price shown.

Instant Quote

We manufacture your 3D model as individual part