1. General
What are the benefits of up2parts?

Saving of costs and time in the quoting process are the decisive benefits of up2parts. Thanks to our algorithms you profit by a most simple process of quoting and ordering. Instead of sending inquiries to various providers you directly get a quote in real time. The best is: We are software developer, provider of the online portal and producer all in one. This approach enables us to control the quality during all producion steps, to give you technical advice in the full extent and to react quickly to your needs.

How does cloud manufacturing work?

The first step consists in uploading your CAD-model as STEP-file in our portal. Instead you are welcome to send an email at info@up2parts.com with the file attached. We calculate the price of your configurated component in realtime. The price for the subsequent machinery depends on the material and the tolerance classes. Concerning additive processing, you will get a price within 24 hours via email. This time-saving approach enables us to produce and deliver your parts as quickly as possible.

I have already ordered my components. Can I change my specifications afterwards?

You might change your constructed component or additional conditions within 4 hours after ordering. Tell us your later modifications by phone +49 961 6000-5000, via live chat (symbol at the bottom right) or email at info@up2parts.com latest 4 hours after. Unfortunately we are not able to change your order later on.

What is cloud manufacturing of up2parts?

The time of long obtainment times and inquiries via email is past. Thanks to cloud manufacturing you are able to provide your coustom parts more quickly and efficiently. We offer various production processes and do not work with third parties. Instead we produce every single part on our own machinery from Hermle, Studer, Kern, Doosan, Stratasys and Markforged. With more than 40 machineries and 130 employees we constantly have a close eye on quality during all production steps.

How much is the usage of up2parts?

For you as a customer using the quoting engine up2parts is of course free of charge. You are only paying for the ordered components.

Who is my contact person?

Your contact persons are our competent sales staff. You are welcome to contact us by phone +49 961 6000 5000 or via email at info@up2parts.com.

2. Payment methods
How does the payment at up2parts work?

Either comfortable via PayPal or via credit card (Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express), SEPA direct debiting system, Sofort-Überweisung and purchase on account with 14 days term.

Purchase on account

In collaboration with Klarna AB (www.klarna.de), Sveavägen 46, Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you the purchase on account as payment option. Please notice that Klarna is exclusively available to private customers. The payment has to be directed to Klarna. Purchasing on account with Klarna you first receive the ordered parts and have afterwards a payment deadline of 14 days. The complete general terms and conditions can be found here: https://cdn.klarna.com/1.0/shared/content/legal/terms/EID/de_de/invoice?fee=0.

Instand bank transfer

After releasing an order you will be directly transferred to the website of the online-provider Sofort GmbH. To be able to pay the invoice amount you must have a registered online-banking-account, legitimate and confirm the payment. Finally, your credit account is debited. You will get further information in the process of ordering.


In the process of ordering you will be transmitted to the online-website of PayPal. Using the PayPal payment service is only possible if you have a PayPal account. You legitimate yourself with your PayPal login details and confirm the initiation of payment. The payment transaction will be carried out by PayPal. You will get further information in the process of ordering.

SEPA direct debiting system

By releasing an order you give a direct debit mandate. We will inform you about the date of the payment (named as prenotification). With submitting the SEPA-mandat, we request our bank to initiate the transaction of payment. This transaction is automatically generated and the payment is debited on your finance account. Once the product leaves our house, your finance account is debited. The date of account charge (named prenotification-deadline) is announced to you within 7 days.

Credit card

By initiating an order you simultaneously transfer your credit card data to us. After legitimating you as cardholder we immediately request your credit card company to initiate the payment. The payment is then automatically conducted by the credit card company and debited on your credit card account.

3. Delivery and distribution
Can I pick up the part on my own?

If requested you can pick up your part directly. Please contact our sales department by phone (+49 961 6000 5000), via email (info@up2parts.com) or via live-chat which can be found on www.up2parts.com.

Is international shipping possible?

up2parts delivers within Germany and Europe. In case of an international target address, please contact our sales department by phone (+49 961 6000 5000), via emai (info@up2parts.com) or via live-chat which can be found on www.up2parts.com

How much are the shipping costs for my order?

The individual shipping costs appear directly in the online shop. These costs depend on the weight, the physical dimensions and the target country.

4. Materials and production
How long does it take to produce the ordered parts?

The time of production depends on your part and the ordered quantity. What we do know is that 3D printing is typically faster. Therefore in the area of printing delivery times of 2-8 working days are possible. In the segment of machining delivery times of 10-30 working days are realistic. Our vision is to achieve an average delivery time of 7 days in either machining segment or additive segment.

Does up2parts produce my components?

Of course, in our "offline-business-model" we have learned, that high quality can be guaranteed best by quality assurance in every single step of our production. The driving force behind up2parts is the company of BAM , a service provider in the segment of machining located in the Bavarian Weiden in der Oberpfalz. We have a capacity of 40 machineries from well-known manufacturer like Hermle, Studer, Kern, Stratasys, Makforged and HP. Our more than 130 employees come from the region and work with passion and motivation. We are software engineer, portal provider and manufacturer all in one.

Which production processes and materials are supported?

up2parts offers a variety of different additive and machining processes. In the segment of printing we are one of the few producers which has the ability to print components completely colored (510,000 colors). In the area of machining respectively erosion we offer classic procedures like 5-axis-milling, HSC-milling, CNC-turning and milling, sawing, circular grinding, wire eroding, die sinking and the production of sheet-metal as well as welding assemblies. More details concerning processes and materials can be found under production processes and designguides.

Can up2parts realize milling pockets with rectangular interior edges?

Rectangular interior edges are machined by means of our smallest cutting tools. This makes it possible to achieve only largely sharp-edged rectangular solutions.

Are milling pockets, breaches or inner contours realizable?

Of course. With our cutting-edge machines, we enable a maximum depth of 6xr (radius). In this case the depth relates to the highest part of the workpiece and takes the ground area of the concerning pocket into account.

Why are some bores not shown in the 3D model?

Milled holes are not shown, and fits or threads cannot be selected? This problem may have several reasons. At first, please check your step file for errors. Also, please notice, that boreholes exceeding a maximum depth of 5xdiameter are not illustrated. In case CAD model and drilling depth are technically accurate, please do not hesitate to contact our support team directly via phone +49 961 600 5000 or email at info@up2parts.com.

Is up2parts able to manufacture cavities?

Our web engine does not take inside lying cavities or undercuts into account. Does your part have such requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone +49 961 6000 5000 or e-mail at info@up2parts.com.

Whom do I have to contact in case of further technical requirements?

We produce your individual component based on the step model. Subsequently sent drawings, 3D models, emails with additional information or details via live chat stay unconsidered. In case of questions, requests or important indications, please contact us via email at info@up2parts.com or phone +49 961 60005000 before actually ordering.

Are there any restrictions in the production of freeform surfaces?

Yes, R1 is our smallest possible radius within a freeform surface.

What material thicknesses can be manufactured?

The proportion between the thickness and high remains at least 1:5. Example: A root face has a thickness of 1mm. Hereby results a maximum high of 5mm. From a width of 5mm the proportions increase to 1mm:8mm.

Can up2parts realize tooth systems?

We add running toothing to your part considering the depth and radius. This is based on the requested tolerance class. Currently splines are not part of our portfolio.

My part has several threads. How does up2parts know out of a step model?

Our engine inspects your part according to core holes. Every single discovered hole is shown on the left-hand side of the configurator. Customers have the possibility to complete the holes by selecting threads and fits as an additional feature.

My part hast to be cleaned and deburred. Where can I order this?

Basically, every single part gets cleaned and deburred, before leaving the company. This is a fundamental requirement and belongs to our quality assurance standards.

Does up2parts guarantee geometrical dimensioning and positioning?

Parts go through a quality assurance process according to perform the tolerance class ISO2768-1 (middle or fine) that customers have chosen.

Does up2parts offer labelling and engraving?

Within our configurator labelling and engraving is not considered. In case of such requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available via email at info@up2parts.com or phone +49 961 60005000.

5. Return and guarantee
Can I return ordered parts back to you?

The components are manufactured according to your individual specifications. Based on Distance Selling Act unfortunately a return is not possible.

Can I complain?

The ambition of up2parts is to manufacture components exactly according to clients specifications and provide highest quality standards. However, if you have any reason for complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+49 961 6000 5000), via email (info@up2parts.com) or via live-chat, that can be found under www.up2parts.com.

6. STEP-file and upload
Do the parts have to comply with any requirements?

It all starts with a model or drawing: the more conforming to standards, the simplier and quicker the realization.

How can I upload components at up2parts?

It depends on the required production process. In the segment of machining it is sufficient to upload your 3D-model directly at www.up2parts.com. If you aim to order an additive manufactured component, please send your drawing to info@up2parts.com. Based on the required quantity and your contact information, we will send to you an offer within 24 hours.

What do I need to order parts at up2parts?

To initiate an order you need a CAD-model in a STEP format. A dimensioned constructional drawing in PDF-format can help us to get additional information for your additive or substractive part.

Is my data safe?

We guarantee highest data security in every step. All our servers are located in the european computing centres and comply with a high quantity of compliance standards, e.g. Gereneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 270001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as standards depending on countries like Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud and Songapore MTCS. Furthermore, since we produce all in one hand, we do not transmit your data to third parties.

7. Technical data