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3D printing Polyjet

High-precision-prototypes and small series with up to 510,000 different colors and thousands of material combinations

PolyJet 3D printer use photopolymers that enable special characteristics such as rubber-like surfaces or transparent materials. Furthermore, a high resilience and a high temperature resistance can be provided. By mixing base resins in only one printing process thousands of material combinations can be created. Digital materials offer various colors, translucences, Shore-A hardness grades and other characteristics to produce most realistic products.

Advantages and


Due to the spectrum of raw materials, the efficiency and speed, PolyJet is one of the best procedures for conceptional models. Generate colorful and reliable prototypes to accelerate your rapid prototyping process. In the segment of rapid tooling tooling equipment, stretching devices, drilling templates and others are realizable.

How it works at


With the Stratasys J750 we own a printer belonging to the premier class in the segment of PolyJet. Hereby we are able to produce high-quality products in up to 510,000 different colors. Within the range of cleaning- and finish section we have extensive equipment available and nearly every additive component can be produced.

Technical data

min. component size: 5x5x5mm
max. component size: 480x380x190 mm
Average thickness of layer: 0,014 mm
Tolerances: ±0,015 mm
min. wall thickness: 0,5 mm
min. structural size: 5 mm
Lot size: 1 – 50 pieces
Best file format: STEP
Delivery time: 2-7 working days


Digital ABS
RGD720 and VeroClear RGD810
Durus and Rigur
Tango materials
MED610 (biocompatible)

Final processing

Glass bead blasted

More detailed material poperties can be found in our technical data sheet.