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3D printing Multi Jet


Boundless design- and development possibilities offer you most individual 3D printing components

Cross boundaries of previous 3D print technologies and discover a world of high efficiency. A world of unlimited degrees of freedom and design – thanks to the new 3D printer from HP with Multi Jet Fusion technology. Develop prototypes and functional parts in a completely new way. Our vision for the future is to manufacture not only prototypes layer by layer but also complete production series.

Advantages and


The MJF-technology captivates through an extraordinary quality of parts and pioneering productivity by lowest costs per unit. The MJF goes far beyond the previous 3D print. For the first time additive produced parts can be realized in series at low costs. By MJT small numbers of parts up to series of smaller components can be realized. Hereby MJT represents a cost-efficient alternative to injection moulding.

How it works at


We are fascinated by the MJF-technology from HP. With the HP Jet  Fusion 4200 we produce high-quality components- additive and even whole series. Within the range of cleaning- and finish section we have extensive equipment available making nearly every additive part realizable.

Technical data

min. component size: 5x5x5mm
max. component size: 380x284x380 mm
Average thickness of layer: 0.08 mm
Tolerances: ±0.015 mm
min. wall thickness: 0.5 mm
min. structural size: 5 mm
Lot size: 10 – 5,000 pieces
Best file format: STEP
Delivery time: 2-7 working days



Final processing

Sand blasted
Glass bead blasted

More detailed material poperties can be found in our technical data sheet.